Popular bamboo utensils in Vietnamese life

1. What is bamboo houseware?
Before learning the benefits of bamboo household items, let's learn about bamboo household items

Products made from bamboo are manufactured from 100% natural bamboo. Often made kitchen appliances such as cutting boards, baskets, cups, bamboo mats, .. variety, many designs. Products made from bamboo are mostly handmade and simple and delicate.

Household items made from bamboo towards a green life
2. Why should you use bamboo household items?
In the past, bamboo was used to make a number of items. Stepping through the modern era, they are used more and more widely, applying the needs of many families. They are popular for the following reasons:

2.1 Safe to use
Products made from bamboo are produced from  100% natural bamboo so there are no chemicals to help protect the health of users. Bamboo's natural properties are antibacterial, anti-termite and mold. In addition, during use, bamboo household items do not emit microplastics even when used with hot drinks.

2.2 High durability
If you have used bamboo objects that have passed the stage of material selection and processing:

Strong impact resistance makes bamboo utensils difficult to break, scratch. Proof of this in the past, even now, many rural families use bamboo in the process of building houses.
Does not warp or expand due to weather changes
2.3 Easy to clean and maintain
Most of the products bamboo household items are designed simply, not too fussy, so cleaning is also easy. You just need to wipe it with a soft cloth, coconut oil, .. and you can do it. just get them.

Because bamboo has natural antibacterial properties, you do not have to worry about preserving the product, which is still durable and bright over time.

2.4 Diverse and rich designs
The  bamboo household items  are produced with many different designs in terms of designs and colors to meet the needs of the family. It is not only present in the family but also many restaurants, bars, and homes. goods, .. used to decorate to bring a simple, peaceful space.

Various bamboo housewares, many designs
2.5 Natural products bring you a healthier life
After a long time of using bamboo objects, when discarded, they do not pollute the environment, much easier to decompose than products made from plastic. This creates safety and is environmentally friendly. state and public health.

3. Summary of some household items made from bamboo
3.1 Household set of bamboo knives, spoons, forks and plates
High quality natural bamboo knife, spoon and fork set

✅ Lighter, non-scratch bamboo knives and forks are currently popularly used in high-end restaurants and resorts

✅ Easy to clean, no mold

✅ The product is light, easy to hold, convenient to move

✅ Products are covered with varnish and advanced bamboo drying technology

Household Set Knife, spoon, fork, fork made of bamboo
3.2 High-class bamboo cutting board
Advantage :

Bamboo cutting board easy to clean and dry after use, so bamboo cutting board is not easy to mold like wooden cutting board, light, easy to handle.
The surface of the bamboo cutting board is not crushed like a wooden cutting board
Usually for cutting soft foods such as vegetables, fruits, ..
Limit the large amount of bacteria on the surface of the cutting board
Defect :

It is not suitable for cutting bones, mincing meat, etc.
The surface of the cutting board is a bit slippery, so be careful when using it

Bamboo cutting board
3.3 Glasses, drinking cups made of bamboo
Natural bamboo drinking cups and cups, suitable for storing drinks in cafes, hotels, resorts, as gifts of companies and corporations; souvenir or pen holder. In particular, it is made from natural bamboo so it is not affected by the type of water you drink

Note : After using the product must be dry; Do not soak in water for a long time, do not put it in the microwave or oven

Glasses, drinking cups made of bamboo
3.4 Bamboo straws
Bamboo straws- This is an environmentally friendly product. It is similar to other ordinary straws used to bring drinks such as soft drinks, milk tea, milk, .. However, the main difference is the ingredients. Made of bamboo can be reused many times as an alternative to plastic straws.

It is even more amazing that many restaurants have also used bamboo straws towards a green life.

Bamboo straws - Eco-friendly products
3.5 Bamboo pestle and mortar set

Set of mortar and pestle made from bamboo
Made of premium thick, hard bamboo to ensure long durability.Usually used to crush garlic, ginger, herbs, spices. Unlike the stainless steel pestle, which is easy to slip, it shoots food outside. But with the bamboo mortar set, it is firm, limiting the food to be thrown outside.

4. Some bamboo and rattan household items are handmade
4.1 Bamboo mat
Bamboo mats are mostly used to make rice paper, vermicelli or even used in country restaurants. Moreover, they are used to decorate and paint on the mat to create a close and idyllic space.

4.2 Kimbap, SuShi . Rolled Bamboo Blinds
Try to roll the rice without a bamboo curtain and use the bamboo curtain to roll another part, you will definitely see the difference. Soft rolling blinds help to roll tightly and evenly. Made from natural bamboo – absolutely safe